It’s Shoe Time!!!

Ok ok….So it has been a looooooong time since my last entry! However there have been some big occupational changes….

If you would just like to read today’s “Shoe time” blog, kindly skip the information below which just addresses significant changes in my life! 😉

Enjoying benefits of my new job at the Transkei Wildrun

This blog is going to take a slightly different approach, with a rather large focus on running. Since your previous encounter with my blog, I have accepted the role as adidas technical representative for Durban (&Bloem, which by the way is one of my highlights as it is a quiet little town with incredibly genuine people – apart from my slight language barrier). I do still rehabilitate patients on a part-time level, however I have a special interest in working with runners and therefore have the beauty of referring the other patients to our incredibly capable team at Prime.

Based at Prime Human Performance Institute, I offer gait analysis and footwear advice using a dynamic footplate, a treadmill with a camera, and incorporating your personal running and footwear history. For this there is no charge.

Shoe Time!!

Firstly, if you skipped the above paragraphs you are definitely not invited to my party.

Secondly, these blogs are designed to increase your knowledge of running trends, shoes, events, biomechanics, and latest research.

The more I increase my training, the more I realise just how fast the professional athletes really are. In fact, I lay in bed last night (as some do) battling to fall asleep, due to the exhausting fact that I was calculating the mindspinning speeds at which these athletes tear up the tar.

“Calm down there Geoffrey son” was your thought, but hear me out. I have a slightly competitive streak in me, which means I had to come to terms with the fact that unless I wake up as a highly toned, trained and tanned Kenyan, I will never be as fast as these heroic gentlemen. 

Let’s place this into a little thing us humans call perspective – Haile Gebrselassie, in 2008, ran 42kms in 2:03:59 in Berlin (in adidas obviously). “But what does it all mean Basil?!” He is roughly running at 2:57 minutes PER KM!!! You still not amazed? That is approximately 17.7sec per 100metres, FOR 42 KILOMETRES!

If you are still not amazed, go and time yourself doing the 100 metre dash!

On the topic of times and speed, this “first” blog is a great time to set some goals before we jump into the blogs to come. Everyone who runs, let’s just begin with an honest little 5km time trial and record our times. Through sharing our challenges, goals, and research, let us see if we can improve on our times!

A brilliant outlet for this is parkrun. Every Saturday at 8am at Battery beach Durban in front of Pirates. Follow the link above for free registration and information.

Today was about sharing my amazement of these fitness freaks and opening us up to future running topics. As mentioned, in the blogs to come you will be exposed to some biomechanical info, and hopefully benefit your own running experience, or running knowledge. I am happy to start advising in any way, leave a post with a question, or email me directly.

Until then, conquer concrete 🙂 or trail!


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