The Challenge

Christmas is great! We celebrate the birth of a king, we enjoy family time, we give gifts to one another…..and, we eat A LOT. In the last quantitative research study I performed, involving the method of asking myself what I think the most given gift over Christmas is, the answer was chocolate. After a detailed analysis I concluded that it is true, and that something should be done about this…….welcome to “The Challenge”.

How it works:

It is health and fitness based and it runs for the month of February.

You are to undergo the following simple dietary modifications:

1. You are to eat no butter, margarine, deep-fried food or sunflower oil

2. No chocolates or sweets

3. No puddings or cakes – including cookies, biscuits, muffins, ice cream or chocolate drinks

4. No alcohol

5. No Soda/soft drinks

6. No fast food except skinless chicken from Nandos

Activity Challenge:

In the month you are to perform:

3000 push ups

3000 seconds of front plank/ prone bridge

3000 seconds per side of side plank

3000 reverse lunges per leg


Push ups: Keep back straight, hands under shoulders, shoulders at 45 degrees, lower your chest down to a fist height above the ground. Ladies can go on their knees.

 Front plank/Prone bridge: Back straight, hips slightly tilted towards your chin, do not let your lower back drop down. suck your stomach in, only forearms and feet touch the ground.

Side plank:  Keep shoulders, hips and feet all in line, do not roll your non bracing shoulder forward, aline the bracing shoulder straight into the glenoid cavity (joint), do not let the shoulder pop up, keep it perpendicular to your body.

Reverse Lunge: In a standing position, lunge backwards keeping your front knee just behind your toes, lunge back up balancing on your front leg then lunge back and repeat. If you battling to add the balance you can just stand normally between each lunge. If you are still battling you can alternate legs.

Important things to note:

This will mean an average of 100 reps/seconds of each per day for a normal month. However there are only 29 days this month, so don’t fall short!

You can split the reps up throughout the day.

Please stretch your chest everyday, as well as work your back in the gym, or lie on your stomach and squeeze your shoulders blades together to keep your scapulae setting. Too much work on the chest without working it’s antagonists can cause bad posture and shoulder pathologies.

Leave comments to say how your journey is going!

4 days until the challenge begins! Tell friends to join in


The Resolution

Without a doubt, the resolution fairy strikes most people at the beginning of every year and implants some form of a health goal on their lives. Your new years conversation over a family dinner may well have sounded like this: “This year I will lower my cholesterol and improve my health.” “Good to hear, I have been eating way too many MacFat burgers and it is time to cut some rubber off my belly tyre.” And finally, “Well  kids, I will have a 6 pack by May, you just watch and see!” (I know this man personally)

So how do you go about achieving these? Consider the following definitions for “resolution”:

1. a resolve or determination: to make a firm resolution to do something.

2. the act of resolving or determining upon an action or course of action, method, procedure, etc.

3. the mental state or quality of being resolved or resolute; firmness of purpose.

Are you determined? Do you have a firm purpose to do it? Find a friend who has not made ‘tact’ or ‘sugar coating’ his/her resolution and ask him/her to hold you to it!

I would like to highlight a resolution of which a handful of you may well have made regarding an old injury and the desire to address the pathology, i.e. fix the problem. Firstly, it is imperative to clarify certain phrases; “just leave it, and it will get better”, this is something that your mother said to you when you were a child and had a rash that you kept scratching, this is not something you say about an injury. “I will just work around it at the gym”, you may state this when someone has spilt his protein shake on the floor, NOT about an injury. “Rub it better”, by all means do this if you stand up and bump the back of your head on a table after trying to pick up some peas you dropped off your dinner plate, but not after increasing your swimming training frequency and experiencing radiating pain in the shoulder.

These injuries will remain until you treat the cause. It may be degeneration in the tendon, calcification, instability in the joint amongst many other things. We will prescribe exercises that you will be required to perform to correct the biomechanics of the affected area, and relieve pain. If your injury is still in the inflammatory phase or following an acute injury (eg, twisted your ankle and it has swollen up) then pay a visit to your Physio before the Biokineticist.

So friends, have a wonderful 2012 and let it be the year of resolving your old injuries! I would be happy to help 🙂