Lets Get Practical!


For most of you, after reading that phrase you may have sub-consciously thought about your body…. Yes, no?  Some of the ladies’ minds ventured into the “im still pale from winter and needing a tan” thought process. Some of us may have tried not to entertain the “I should have started eating and training better from earlier” thought. Or possibly you settled on a “regardless of how I look, I am really excited to enjoy some sun, beach and some evening runs” option. I am hoping most of you took on the latter approach. If we are honest with ourselves, a “good” body does not mean a “healthy” body, a “good” body is subjective. Look back in history and across cultures, what was/is a good or attractive body, is quite different to what is attractive in our society today. Thanks to the media and exploitation of the body through magazines, TV etc, it has shaped our view of what attractive is.

Here are some examples for the ladies. Pics taken from http://www.diet-blog.com/07/female_body_shape_in_the_20th_century.php




It is not easy to escape this mindset, I even discuss ways that can leave you “toned” or “leaner”. How did it come about that we started to find “more definition” possibly more attractive? I would like to encourage you to decide why you are training and eating the way you are. Has it gone beyond just being healthy to look after your body, the enjoyment of training and feeling happy or confident with how you feel? Has it instead, become an obsession? or possibly left you feeling more self-conscious? Before I offer some fun training suggestions, perhaps take a moment to re-consider your motives, then read on.


If you want to feel good about yourself for accomplishing goals, go for it. Maybe you are married and you and your spouse really enjoy lean abs, go for it. But if you are setting out trying to reach the unrealistic and unreachable image portrayed through Photoshop with the sole mindset of looking this way to impress others, maybe return to the top of the page and start again 😉

Alright, so if you have never attempted super-setting before, now is your time! Let’s get practical!

Super-setting can be done with a combination of various forms of resistance and cardio work, or just resistance or cardio separately. Here is a 3 superset exercise routine using all three forms! For best neural activation it has been said to keep weights heavy and reps low, but let’s get into it first!

complete the 3/4 exercises in a row with no rest, then take a 30 second rest and repeat another 2/3 sets. Then take 2-3mins before the next superset

  • SUPER-SET 1  (repeat 3 times)
  • Push ups                      (50-70% of your maximum amount)
  • Oblique crunches         10 reps each side
  • walking lunges              24 reps (12 each leg) use weights if it is too easy
  • SUPER-SET 2   (repeat twice)
  • 10metre shuttle runs       10 reps
  • Dips off a bench              10 reps
  • Fast stepping                   1min (off a step – right up, left up, right down, left down)
  • 1 leg hip raises                15-20/leg (on back,1foot flat – lift hips and other leg)
  • SUPER-SET 3   (repeat twice)
  • Up-downs                      30 seconds
  • High knees                    30 seconds
  • 5squats jog 10metres    5 reps

So how was it? Go enjoy a nice stretch!


One thought on “Lets Get Practical!

  1. That was an outstanding article on our culture and why we exercise and look after ourselves, or not. Good stuff to think about and consider. I’m trying to find not only the right motivation for health and fitness, but simply enough motivation to get off my butt and to do something that breaks a sweat, and I enjoy. How about some stuff that I could do that will have a bit more outcomes based stuff that is also fun. You know, cos we don’t play team sports as we get older and busier, and surfing happens seldom in CT, and fishing isn’t exercise, and golf is hardly. How does a competition junkie (in the healthy sense) keep fit in a busy lifestyle and keep enjoying it? Is it s case of sheer discipline?

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