Heat Acclimatisation

Firstly, apologies for taking so long since my last blog, I will try keep the frequency of my posts slightly higher!

With regards to answering those questions I previously posted….I feel like someone may have gone before me! I had a moment while putting together information and looking through journal articles and finding nothing of perfect clarity and insight, when all of a sudden there it was! The gold at the bottom of the rainbow, the trophy at the end of an event, the sunlight following the rain, the Mandela of people, the taste of candy coated raindrops, the colours of a magic carpet….ok sorry, I got a bit carried away there, and looking back, I may well have even seemed slightly feminine? Moving on, I realised that if I typed a blog on heat acclimatisation I would want it looking like this particular gentleman’s. So with no further a due, I shall humbly refer you to this post to answer those questions while I prepare a real healthbud tickler 🙂 thank you for the comments, discussions and questions, keep them coming!


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