Heat Training Intro…& What follows forgiveness

This week is a busy one, so apologies if you find that your comments have not been posted, I will accept them and reply as soon as I have a chance.

Tuesday was possibly the hottest day this century! Ok ok it probably was not the hottest, but it was a big contender I’m sure. What happens when there is a big sporting event like a biathlon for example, on a day like that? “The games must go on”, but are your bodies prepared for the race with the added heat considering you might dampen a big training session or train early in the morning or later in the evening on such a day as that scorcher?


But should you train in heat to prepare yourself incase your race falls on a sizzler or save the grueling sessions and hope that the weather follows the same training plan as you? Are there benefits in training in extreme heat, or should you continue to train early in the morning and face the heat on race day with enough hydration to start a flood?

Sadly, if your enthusiasm level was at melting point as you were anticipating some answers to these wonderful questions, you are now going to (reluctantly I’m sure) use this time to work on your patience 🙂

I will answer these questions in my next blog. this week I am excitedly preparing a talk as I have been asked to speak at Westville Baptist Youth this Friday.

What Follows Forgiveness?

I would like them (and ourselves if you up for the short read ahead) to consider that forgiveness is not the end point in a relationship. If you completely forgive someone you love, would that not mean reconciliation, an ability to continue or begin a new relationship?

We often talk about having a faith in Christ means that we are forgiven for our past, and we eagerly await eternal life with God where the bible explains that He will “wipe away every tear” and give us “new bodies” amongst other amazing things. Yes this will be incredible, and help us face the tough times here on Earth with regards to emotional pain, disease etc (which would never have existed in the first place if we hadn’t turned from God and turned to sin thousands of years ago)…but what about the fact that we are forgiven? Would this not imply that we can begin a relationship with God while we are still here?

What would this mean for our lives now? No, it does not mean that we will never face financial, physical and emotional tough times, in fact the bible tells us that we will, but could it mean that we will NEVER walk alone through these times, and allow God to present us with strength, joy, peace, and healing as He works for the good according to His will day by day….

The greatest thing about heaven is not the “blessings” we will receive, it is being in the presence of God.

For those of you who picked up on a certain phrase, no, it does not come from Liverpool’s chant! 😉 If you are not a Christian but took the time to read this blog anyway, thanks I appreciate it. If you have questions just leave a comment, but let me know if you do not want it posted, and I will email you back. If not, no problem, be sure to have a look at my response next week regarding training in the heat, along with hydration/overhydration and the impact of this on our body 🙂


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