2nd Thought cont….Mythbusting

Myth: “Doing Ab work burns abdominal fat and gives you a 6 Pack”

Good news everyone!! You all have a 6 pack! Yes, as in abdominal muscles not like the pic below, this is not a sick joke, you have a 6 pack! To the obese man who just lifted his shirt (and his chest) to check for his 6 pack hoping I have magic abilities, please cover up so that we can move on. Thank you 🙂

6 Pack

When people talk about a six-pack they are in fact talking about a muscle, called Rectus Abdominus, I know it sounds like something out of the next transformers movie, but it is a muscle just like your “bicep” aka Gun, is a muscle. The only difference for those who have a visible six-pack, is that they have built up there “abs” and kept the layer of fat above it to a minimal.

So you want one? but how? Firstly, we have to break a myth. Just because you are doing “ab” exercises doesn’t mean that you are burning fat on your “abs”. Why? well fat is an energy source, sadly a rich slow releasing energy source, but none the less, it means that you cannot really decide which part of your body you would like to burn fat on. HOWEVER, you can “tone” and build the muscle underneath which can be seen easier as soon as the fat layer diminishes. So what does this mean to you? do an all-round resistance and cardio training program that will use a large amount of calories (energy) that will draw on your fat stores throughout your body. BUT most importantly, start with a good eating plan of 5 small healthy meals a day. YES 5 of them! It will speed up your metabolism, and therefore the amount of energy you use in general. I will be focusing on this in my next Mythbuster and some exercise examples! So keep watching this space…and your eating! 😉

for more info on nutrition and food tips and myths, there is a really good blog by a nutritional biochemist. Go check it out!



5 thoughts on “2nd Thought cont….Mythbusting

  1. Hey! Thanks for the comment on my blog and also for the sweet reference on this page!! We think alike – busting myths! haha. How do I subscribe to your blog so I can get notifications when you post a new one? You can also follow me on facebook. My page is Nutrition through Science and more recently have become admin on the page Fitnessfacts100.
    Keep up the great work!

  2. I am so happy to finally find out i am also the proud owner of a rectus abdominus. Just need to figure out where mine exactly is. Thanks for the info Geoff!!!! My self esteem is back in the place i used to have it when i was younger and my rectus abdominus was visible!! 🙂 Niek

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