2nd Thought

Thanks to my dad’s generosity, the fact that he has a friend in America and that I am an only child, I recently acquired an iPad 2! It is a great gift and enables me to type about interesting things while I am sitting in Supa-Quick buying new tyres for my bakkie for instance. Yes that is what I am doing right now and when I found out the price I considered bartering the pad for the tyres.

My ipad 2


My Tyres?

Moving on, I have come across some wonderful apps on the iPad…but I have also come across some Tom Foolery.  I figured I would download an app that gives fitness tips….I am almost sure the guy about to align my wheels was the chief editor of this app as there are a couple crazy facts about fitness! (Although he may be better at fitness facts than I am at aligning tyres), However, it has helped me realize that there are some misinformed people out there who are trying to accomplish fitness goals and failing. Over the next few days allow me to highlight a couple myths that need some tweaking…

One hard session a week.
This myth hosts the idea that if you can’t do moderately intense exercise a few times a week, just do one intense session a week. Now if you are reasonably fit, periodizing your training is a good idea where you add an intense session here and there. However, an intense session places strain on your body, and in this case where you are not trained for it, may take a week to recover only to face another big session and receiving no benefits. Now for the main point, take a minute and think back to a time where you may have done this. Then think a few days on from your intense session, did you by any chance have the flu or “cold”?

A high intensity session lowers the immune system if you are not trained for it

This is because that intense session suppressed your immune system leaving you susceptible to catching a virus, which was happily floating by until you sniffed it in and didn’t have a strong immune system to fight it off.

I have recently had a bout of the flu, and yes I had an intense touch rugby session a couple days prior. My girlfriend calls it man-flu….but now we know what it really is 😉


2 thoughts on “2nd Thought

  1. I can confirm this is true… I currently have really bad man-flu and I worked out for the first time in years last week.

    By my logic working out makes you sick, as I was really healthy before I started trying to become healthy.

  2. Apologies to the computer bofs….i used a photo of the ipad 1 instead of ipad 2…..thank you to my friend Matt for picking that up…….. punk 😉 your comment in the second paragraph will be covered in one of my blogs. Get well soon, see you at bootcamp!

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